Spring Break Guide to the Best Destinations

Once a year it’s time to put the books down and find your place in the sun.  College life just wouldn’t be the same without Spring Break to look forward to.  It’s a chance to decompress and meet other students from all over the United States and even around the world.  Spring Break is enjoyed in the USA, Jamaica, Mexico, The Bahamas, Aruba, and numerous other towns, cities, and countries worldwide with beautiful beaches and fresh air.  

If you've never been on Spring Break, its best to do some research and decide what kind of atmosphere you want. You'll find everything from non-stop partying, to water sports, hiking, relaxing, or gambling and nightlife in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Cities like New York, New Orleans, London, and Paris offer an alternative to the beach and its 24 hour action. We've put together a guide to help you research these areas and more for your next Spring Break trip.  Check out some cool destinations for and the activities in that that area before you Get A Room for Spring Break.

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