Don't Get A Room Until You Do These 3 Things

You can Get a Room for a steal if you have an insider’s guide to online reservations. You might be tempted just to call up the local Marriott or Holiday Inn and book directly through the hotel. This is a big mistake! Hotels are out to make the most money possible and they don’t like giving discounts to individuals – even if you are traveling for your anniversary or another special occasion! It’s a cruel, cruel world out there. But if you’re a travel agent or a hotel rooms wholesaler, you have special access to lower rates and better deals for the simple fact that you’ll be buying in bulk. Here are three things you simply MUST do before you get a hotel room.

Don’t Get A Room Until You… Read The Guest Reviews!

Guest reviews can be incredibly telling. Sure, every hotel wants you to believe they are clean, comfortable and staffed with only the most courteous representatives. However, hearing from past guests will reveal how far these hotels are from the average traveler’s expectations. Consider the Parisian Hotel & Suites in Miami Beach, Florida. Only ONE person rated the establishment as “excellent” on TripAdvisor. Out of 80 reviews, 60 people gave it the worst possible rating of “terrible.” It was called “absolutely revolting” with “garbage everywhere.” Another group said there were “poor wash cloths for towels” and that they’d rather sleep in their car. Several people report getting chewed up by bed bugs.

However, if you had just read the hotel’s description, you would come up with a totally different picture. “Sunny, comfortabl accommodations make the Parisian a South Beach bargain,” the site advertises. “Decorated in the art deco style, with hardwood floors in each of the guestrooms and a bright, spacious lobby, this cozy hotel is located just blocks from the best of Miami Beach,” they say. It really pays to look beyond hotel price and examine the reviews before making your hotel reservations!

Don’t Get A Room Until You… Compare The Amenities!

When you get a hotel room, you want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Say you’re on a trip to Chicago.  You might look at the Motel 6 and say, “Wow, what a bargain! I can stay there this weekend for just $37 a night! Why would I ever pay more?” But you may find yourself disappointed if you arrive and find that there is no free breakfast and Wi-Fi will cost you $2.99/day. So instead of $37 a night, maybe you’re really paying $65 after you and your partner pay for breakfast and internet service.

Upon closer inspection, you could get a room at the Days Inn for $45 a night and receive FREE breakfast and FREE Wi-Fi! Now that’s more like it! Each room also has a microwave and refrigerator – and there is a fitness center for your use as well. Hotel rates are very competitive, but you’ll find the amenities vary widely from place to place.

Don’t Get A Room Until You… Buy Through A Trusted Source!

Before you get-a-room, you’ll want to make sure you book through a trusted source. takes you to a fully secured website to make your purchase. We got started in 1999, back before the online reservations industry was nearly as popular as it is today. When you get a hotel room through us, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your travel details, which you should bring with you to check-in quicker and easier. 

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