How To Get A Room With A View

Are youscouring hotel booking sites to get a room in a hotel with a fabulous view for your next vacation? Whether you’re traveling to Miami Beach, New York City or Paris, France, it’s always exciting to get a hotel room that makes you want to rip open the shades and gaze out as far as the eye can see with a glass of wine and a loved one by your side. Some swanky hotel reservations will cost you big bucks, but other hotels may offer rooms with a million-dollar view for just $20 more

Getting a Room with a View: What Is Your Preference?

You may know that you want to get a hotel room with “the best view,” but there are often multiple rooms offering the same view, with varying amenities. Do you want a private balcony? How about a spacious desk area? Is a spa tub on your list of must-haves? What about a sitting room or a powder vanity? For some guests, size matters. There are guests that prefer a room that is high up in the building and guests that like a lower-level room to avoid long elevator rides. 

Communication Is Key When You Want To Get-A-Room With A View.

Often times, the front desk staff of a hotel is eager to please. When you call, you should know your price range and generally what you want. Ask questions like, “Has the hotel been renovated?” and “What events are going on during my stay?” Explain the purpose of your travel and see what recommendations the booking staff may have for rooms on top floors with really exceptional views. Sometimes these rooms have last minute cancellations so its best to ask during check-in if there is anything that has opened up in the hotel with an even better view at a better rprice since you made your reservation. In addition to getting a great view, you may also receive complimentary items in an upgraded package – like mini-bar items, luxury toiletries, event tickets, or spa treatments.

Use To Get A Room With A Fabulous View.

Do your investigative work first. Often the hotel’s actual website will give you a unique glimpse at specific hotel rooms where you can see the hotel rates based on the room type and then take a virtual tour of the facilities. From there, you’ll know what type of room to look up on a discount rate site like There’s no sense in paying full-price for hotel reservations when you can go through a wholesaler and get them for 10-45 percent off.  

What Are The Best Cities To Get-A-Room With A View?

There are many cities known for offering incredible breathtaking views. For example, in New York City, you’ll find hotels with views of the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. In Sri Lanka, you can enjoy views of your own private plunge pool and tropical gardens. In Hong Kong, you’ll get views of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island. San Francisco offers tremendous panoramic views of the skyline in many hotel rooms. For mountain view, stay in romantic St. Lucia, which offers a glimpse of the Piton Mountains, or Montreux, Switzerland with its epic view of the Swiss Alps. Get breathtaking ocean views of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. Or why not have the best view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France?  Positano, Italy provides you with a view of a cozy coastal sea cliff village. Many travelers write home about their rooms in Lana'i, Hawaii with views of Hulopoe Bay. Visit to see what you're missing and the most incredible views available in the travel destination of choice!

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