How Can I Get A Room Deal Online?

The ability to get a room online has made traveling easier than ever before. At one time, people could only do their hotel booking directly through the resort. They were subject to paying whatever price the hotelier wanted to charge. Yet, since so many hotel rooms go unsold at any given time, a “shadow market” emerged. Wholesalers can buy bulk rooms to offer you the ability to get a hotel at a better rate. Here are several steps if you’d like to get a hotel room for less ebooking online.

Decide What Type of Accommodation You Would Like.

Some people think of hotel rooms as a brief place to lay their weary heads after a lot of running around. They don’t plan to spend much time there, so it really doesn’t matter what type of amenities are offered. A one or two star facility will do. Perhaps a motor lodge, a budget inn, or a hostel would be a perfectly acceptable way to get a room on the cheap.

Other people think of hotel rooms as a way to pamper themselves. They look for breakfast buffets and room service, swimming pools and plush king-size beds. They want exercise facilities, evening entertainment, restaurants, and full-service spas. Even these luxurious properties can be found for a reasonable price using ebooking and online reservation sites.

Decide When To Get A Room.

Deciding when to travel will be a huge factor on price. Naturally, it’s cheaper and easier to get a room in Charlotte, North Carolina when the Democratic National Convention isn’t going on! You can find deep discounts if you book a ski resort property in the off-season. Searching for “shoulder seasons” can save you a huge wad of cash and hassle. For instance, Prague is teeming with tourists in July, but late October will allow you to have the Charles Bridge all to yourself. Usually, the shoulder season is a little cooler (or in some cases, hotter) than the peak travel season. It’s also a time when kids are typically in school and nowhere near a holiday. Consulting a guide book like Lonely Planet, Fodors, or Smarter Travel will tell you when the shoulder seasons are.

Decide When And Where To Buy.

Lastly, you’ll need to determine how far in advance to buy your tickets. Many people just get a hotel room whenever they decide where they’re traveling, but sometimes it behooves you to wait. Traveling during the peak season generally requires booking way far in advance (mostly to avoid the heartache of having all local hotel reservations booked up!) Another option is to book the first night and head to a last-minute hotel booking site offering stellar deals to get a cheap room the same night. is a great site to help you connect with the lowest advertised hotel price. Searching the online deal sites, it’s common to find $150 hotel rooms for as low as $45. On average, most places are 40 percent off retail, in fact! Hotel operators know that unsold rooms represent lost revenue, so they’re willing to sell at deep discounts if they’re not at full capacity – especially at the last minute. is a hotel aggregator, so you can search multiple sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline at the same time. Shopping smart can save you a ton of money on your next online hotel reservation.

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